Mandy and Colleen formed Peak Consulting Group after more than 20 years working for large government and engineering companies, helping to advance many complex and important infrastructure projects.  Our mission is to provide superior strategic approaches and management of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL), and other transportation planning processes for federal, state, and local agencies planning transportation projects in Colorado and the US West.  

Mandy Whorton

Mandy has 25 years of experience in NEPA evaluations and associated technical studies, land use planning, regulatory negotiations, and public involvement. She has acted as project or task manager for many large, complex undertakings, including managing all classes of NEPA processes, Section 4(f) evaluations, PEL studies, and associated technical studies. She is known for her ability to provide streamlined approaches to environmental planning and has developed a reputation for producing quality NEPA documents. She has practical expertise in construction impact evaluation, permitting, and monitoring for large infrastructure development projects. Mandy has worked extensively in Colorado and throughout the Western U.S., including Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Montana, New Mexico, Nebraska, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Wyoming, and Washington. Her broad experience includes work on many high profile projects, including project management for the I-70 Mountain Corridor programmatic EIS and related follow on projects; environmental management for the CDOT Flood Recovery Incident Response Center; and development of NEPA training for staff and elected officials.

Colleen Kirby Roberts, AICP​

Colleen has 20 years of experience in transportation and environmental planning, urban design, and public involvement. Her experience includes project management, environmental planning management, alternatives analysis, NEPA evaluations, and PEL studies for various transportation projects, including urban and rural federal highway projects, high-speed rail and transit projects, and National Park Service transportation projects; public involvement; site design and planning for transit-oriented development, site redevelopment, and new urban village development; and development review services. In addition to roles as lead author for environmental documents and lead trainer for developing and implementing training programs, she has significant experience guiding and mentoring staff and projects teams and recently served as a staffing manager for a large engineering firm.

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