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We partner with large teams and projects, providing niche services to implement NEPA, PEL, and transportation planning projects and programs efficiently.


Environmental Planning Strategy and NEPA Processes

Our clients rely on us to assist with many of their most significant and time-critical planning efforts.

  • Project definition, purpose and need, alternatives analysis, impact analysis, mitigation planning

  • Research and documentation of social and environmental resources

  • NEPA documents (EIS, EA, CatEx, reevaluations)

  • Section 4(f) evaluations
    (de minimis, programmatic, individual evaluations)

  • Independent third-party review / embedded staff

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Program Management and Guidance

We support our clients' project development, planning, and environmental programs through management, training, and program support.

  • Work planning, project management, agency consultations

  • NEPA and PEL training programs

  • Policy support and grants

  • Guidance manuals & handbooks

  • Project management plans

  • Environmental compliance plans

  • Permitting and monitoring


Stakeholder Engagement

Collaboration and stakeholder partnerships strengthen programs and projects, and we are committed to transparent and logical decision making.

  • Public involvement plans

  • Agency coordination plans

  • Public outreach activities, such as public meetings, focus groups, speakers' bureaus

  • Collateral materials, such as fact sheets, brochures, media advisories, meeting notices, presentations

  • Comment-response management

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